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Feng Shui Arrangements


The Secret Of Elevating Your Life Through Flowers
By Botanical Flowers & Gifts


Oriental floral art has strongly influenced American arrangements. Ikebana, which is the most popular of Japanese floral art, goes back to sixth century China when a Japanese scholar went to China to study. For many years priests taught it in the temples only to men. In some families nowadays, it has become a requirement for women to practice this art before marriage is available.

Ikebana means " The Living Flowers". From Ikebana come the styles called Kikka and Seika.

Chinese Character for Happiness
  • In the Kikka style all branches and flowers have to meet together in the center of the arrangement. All the materials are placed in how they grow in nature.

  • The Seika style represents the principle of three... Heaven, Man, and Earth. From this comes our basic triangular shaped floral designing.

    These styles of flower arranging are designed to bring peace, tranquility, and happiness into your everyday life. Operating Feng Shui is having everything in your life in its proper place and order in relation to the natural energies that surround you; nothing out of place, direction, or perspective. Flowers placed properly in your home and office help the flow of happiness, prosperity and health.

    If your home or office seems to need that little something new to pull it all together, come to Botanical Flowers & Gifts and we will make every attempt to find that item to build a "Feng Shui" atmosphere in your life.