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Caring for your plants the "Botanical" way


By Botanical Flowers and Gifts


Caring for your recently purchased plants can be tricky for the uninformed. There are only a few simple procedures to keep your plants healthy and happy. It can be easy to have beautiful plants in your home too.

First of all your plants have to have the correct sunlight for that type of plant. Most tropical plants need to have filtered light. In nature these plants live on the floor of the jungle. They have filtered light from all the large jungle trees. Most plants that are sold in flower shops are of this category. The plants that are found in nurseries are plants of local terrain and do not come from the deep dark jungles require more sunlight.


Secondly and probably most important is water. Each plant requires water at least once a week, and others more. The easiest way to determine your plants water need is simple. Take your plant out of its decorative container and submerge your plant's plastic container in the water and hold it under until you do not see any more bubbling of air. Lift the container out of the water and let it drain in the sink so that all the excess water is drained out, (if you forget this step, you will run the risk of experiencing root rot). This usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Not a long time to make your plants happy. If your plant starts looking thin and weak two or three days later than this plant should be watered more than once a week. Two times a week is probably the most you will need to water any plant, unless you have your plant in extremely hot conditions such as outside on the patio or in a closed up house. Then maybe a bit more.

Misting your plants with a mist bottle is like having rain showers on their leaves. They like this alot. Their leaves drink in the moisture which in turn helps them grow.

Once a month your plant would like a small bit of fertilizer added to the water when you water. Do not use a fertilizer that is made for lawns or for outside gardens. That is one of the biggest mistakes made when caring for a tropical house plant. There are many indoor house plant foods available in the local stores. Just read the labels to make sure it is for indoor tropical plants.

Following these simple steps will ensure you beautiful plants year round. We have several kinds of tropical plants in stock at any given time. Each plant has been selected and cared for in this manner. We carry Bromeliads, Spathiphyllums, Philodendrons, Nephthytis, Dracenas, Diffenbachias, and we also carry many different varieties of Orchid Plants, Cymbidiums, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, Lady Slippers, Bobcats and more. Please call us for any inquiries of our current stock.